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Timings & Results


  • Timing will be undertaken by DoonThaBrae Events using a SportIdent Air+ system.

  • You are responsible for your timing chip! Lost or broken timing chips will cost you £60 to replace.

  • Race start times will be allocated prior to the event. Latecomers will be accommodated on a best endeavours basis.

  • After leaving the event village riders can start each timed stage as soon as they reach the start line under marshal guidance, with a minimum 20 second time intervals between each rider start.

  • The timed stages are used to determine placings. The winner of each category will be the rider with the lowest overall time to complete all the stages.

  • In the event of a tie, the rider with the fastest time on the final stage of the event will be the winner.

  • Points will be assigned for each event in according to the Series Points Table (based on that used for the Enduro World Series). Overall Series results will be based on the cumulative points from ALL races in that year’s Series.

  • In the case of an overall points tie in any category, positions for those with equal overall points will be based on who has the best position in any event of the series. If there is still a tie, then the positions are based on who has the second best event and so on.

  • Riders who finish in the top three in their race category are expected, where possible, to attend the podium presentation.

  • Podiums and prize presentation will be as soon as possible after the last rider is finished on race day.

SportIdent Air+ System

The SPORTident AIR+ timing system is a modern electronic timing system that is commonly used in Enduro races. Here's how it works:

  1. Each competitor is issued with a small electronic tag, which they wear on their wrist or attach to their bike.

  2. At the start of the race, competitors pass through a start gate that detects their tag and records the exact time they started.

  3. During the race, there are several timed stages, where competitors race against the clock to complete a challenging downhill section as fast as possible.

  4. At the start of each timed stage, competitors pass through a start gate, which triggers the timing system to start recording their time.

  5. The timing system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with the electronic tags as competitors pass through checkpoints on the course.

  6. At the end of each timed stage, competitors pass through a finish gate, which stops the timer and records their finishing time.

  7. The timing data is transmitted wirelessly to a central computer, which compiles the results and provides real-time updates to the race organizers and spectators.

The SPORTident AIR+ timing system is highly accurate and reliable, and it enables race organizers to provide fast and accurate results for Enduro races. Additionally, it allows competitors to focus on their performance without having to worry about manually recording their times.

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