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Sponsor Hardtail Open (13+)

Stogies is not just a brand but a community of riders who love mountain biking for its core values of fun, adrenaline and creativity. From racing to just weekends away in different areas exploring the trails and bars with all your mates, riding the steepest , most technical and challenging stuff you can find. Then laughing about it for weeks to come. We want everyone to be able to experience this! The tale of Stogies all began with Lewis's passion for mountain biking and art. Ever since he was a little kid, he could always be found with a drawing pad, sketching wild and odd ideas. He would also often be out in the woods with his mates building the sketchiest of jumps and wooden obstacles out of old bed frames, testing them out on our rusty Toys “R” Us bikes. A few years he completed an at art college. This made him realise he had a good eye for creating designs. He began putting together some biking jerseys and t-shirts for my group of mates, so we would look a bit more like a team while out doing what we do best, flying down hills and breaking bones. Once my mates started wearing the gear out riding, or even just to the pub, I started to get more and more people asking for it and whether I could make them designs for their own riding groups. And just like that the Stogies dream was born! All of our Stogies designs are original and we think they stand out from other mountain biking artwork. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.

We thrilled to have Stogies come on board for the first time as an AES rider sponsor. Even with developments such as full suss and e-bikes, we think hardtail remains a cool and important area of mountain biking and we are delighted to continue to offer this option. Owner Lewis said "We are over the moon to be the sponsor of this year's Aberdeenshire Enduro Series hardtail category, the home of the true hardcore riders."

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