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Bark + Ride

Sponsor Male eBike (14-29)

We’re a Scottish, outdoor lifestyle brand for trail dogs and mountain bikers! We’re based one of Scotlands best riding destinations, Aboyne, where we design quality gear, built specifically to take you further into the rugged landscapes we adventure in. Whether that’s a day at the local trail centre or a multi-day adventure into the mountains, we design collars, leads, harnesses as well as a range of other essential kits for trail dogs and their riders. We identified that there was a real need for quality gear with safety in mind, specifically with trail dogs as currently there isn’t another brand on the market providing a specific product for mountain bikers who want to experience that awesome feeling of riding with their dog.

It's great to welcome a new sponsor this year, Bark + Ride. They are sponsoring the male ebike (14-29) category, which is super competitive as ebike racing continues to grow. Bark + Ride owner Kaz commented "We’re stoked to be sponsoring the Male E-bike (14-29) category, as keen e-bikers ourselves there’s no better way to train hard and even better when you can keep up with your four pawed bestie! Check out our best selling Harris Dog Sleeping Bags, perfect for van life and hit the road in style. Shop online or pop in with your dog to our store in Station Square where we would love chat all things trail dogs."

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