Aberdeenshire Enduro Series 2020


General Information

The first ever Aberdeenshire Enduro Series (AES) took place in 2019, now we are back for the 2020 AES, or so we had hoped! Due to COVID-19, the AES2020 had to be cancelled. However we still plan to run the Pitifichie Enduro on the 4th October 2020!


Enduro has become very popular in recent years and we are super excited to be part of it. Our one day events have great friendly, atmosphere and attract all levels of rider, from the seriously competitive to competent riders just looking for a great day in the hills.  Entrants need to be a aged 9 years or old, but anyone aged 12 and under will need to be accompanied by an non-racing adult chaperone. We have a range of rider categories, with great prizes on offer from our fantastic sponsors.

In 2020 we will continue to use the Sportident Air System at all of the series events and continue to use a format style aligned with 'blind' Enduro. Overall series points scoring will be done aligned with the Enduro World Series.

Registration (*once open*) will be done through SiEntries. Entries to the Pitfichie Enduro will cost £49 per rider in the Full route categories and £39 per rider in the Lite route categories (Youth category, chaperones are free but do not get a timing chip). On registering you must agree to our rules and must sign a 'Statement of Responsibility' on the day of the event. We plan to open entries to the Pitfichie Enduro on the 23rd of September and they will be on a first come first serve basis until full at our limit of 200 riders. Online entry closes on the 30th of September and no on the day entries will be permitted. Cancellation to any of our events will be available until the online entry system closes, all refunds are subject to a £5 admin charge. 

The Course

The Aberdeenshire Enduro Series races take place on a circuit marked with a variable number of mostly uphill transfer stages and mostly downhill timed stages. Riders must complete the timed stages in ascending order, 1 then 2 etc, unless otherwise instructed by the race organiser. The routes we aim for are 25-30km in length with 750-1000m of climb. The actual distance and climb will be sent out in the riders briefing email with a map posted on the Saturday before the event. 


All riders must follow the marked transition routes. In the interest of safety there will be a cut off time to complete the whole event. Riders will be notified of this in the race briefing email sent before the event. The course will be marked with signs and tape.  Where a course is double taped you must ride between the tape.  Anything else is placed as a guideline as to the direction of the course.​


Riders cannot repeat any stage even if they suffer a mechanical failure on course. Riders are encouraged at all times to ride trails in the way they have been designed to be ridden, blatant disregard to this rule could lead to disqualification.


Full Route:

  • Female (aged over 12 years) Sponsored by Bike Remedy

  • Junior Male (aged from 13 - 17 years) Sponsored by CRC

  • Male (aged from 18 - 30 years) Sponsored by CRC

  • Senior Male (aged from 30 - 45 years) Sponsored by Bike Remedy

  • Veteran Male (aged over 45 years) Sponsored by Eguide Scotland

  • e-Bike (mixed aged over 12 years) Sponsored by Eguide Scotland

  • HardTail (mixed aged over 12 years) Sponsored by Cyclehighlands


‘Lite’ Route:

  • Youth (mixed aged 9-12 years) Sponsored by Cyclehighlands

  • Male (aged over 12 years) Sponsored by Banchory Cyles

  • Female (aged over 12 years) Sponsored by 20Twenty Bike Clinic

Entrants must be over the age of 9 years old on the day of the event. Category will be based on your age on the 31/12/2019. Anyone aged 13 or over on the date of the event will be able to take part in the full course. Anyone aged 12 and under will be able to take part in the shorten course which will be 4 stages missing out the most technical stage, course will be a similar length. Youths under the age of 13 will have to ride together in a group and be accompanied by a chaperone. 

Riders who finish in the top three in their category will receive trophies and a small set of prizes at a podium presentation, so we request that you be present for this. This presentation will happen as soon as possible after the last rider has finished the race. 


  • Each youth rider must have an adult chaperone (and be accompanied to the event by a parent/guardian, even if the latter is not riding).

  • The Rider Disclaimer must be signed by both the parent/guardian on behalf of the youth, as well as the chaperone.

  • The chaperone can only look after a maximum of two youth riders.

  • The chaperone will ride behind the youth participant and be available to take care of any issues with the youth eg bike problems, injuries or withdrawals for any reason.

  • The entire group (youth riders plus chaperone) will set off one hour before the main group and will ride a shorten course.

  • The group must ride each stage together (with usual separation between riders), once all have arrived a stage with any other riders waiting will have to give way to let youth group through and wait until they have all completed a stage.